House Representative

Thompson, Senfronia


Texas State Representative, Advocates Legislation to Allow Eligible Parolees to Request Courts for Reduction in Parole Sentences

AUSTIN, TX State Representative Senfronia Thompson laid out HB 4163 and HJR 130 today in the House Committee on Corrections. These pieces of legislation provide an opportunity for eligible citizens on parole to request authorized courts for reduction (i.e., commutation) of their parole sentences. Under House Bill 4163, parolees are deemed eligible to request commutations of their parole sentences to courts if they: 1) have served at least ten years (flat-time) on parole; 2) have never been subjected to a parole revocation; and 3) have not registered as a sex offender.

"The thrust of this legislation is geared toward citizens who have continuously served ten years on parole without any infraction with the law, excluding traffic violations," said Rep. Thompson. "If these individuals have been good citizens during their sentence, these individuals should be considered for parole termination in order to better implement themselves into society."

HJR 130 calls for a state constitutional amendment to appear on the ballot in November that, if passed by the voters, would authorize courts to hear these types of requests from eligible parolees.

"These pieces of legislation are a significant step forward in improving the lives of Texas citizens on parole," said Rep. Thompson.

Rep. Thompson currently chairs the Texas House Committee on Public Health. She is a member of the House Committee on Licensing & Administrative Procedures, and the House Committee on Redistricting.

Contact: Brian King