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Murr, Andrew


Representative Andrew Murr was named to three committees

On Wednesday, Speaker of the House Joe Straus announced committee assignments for the 84th Legislative Session. Representative Andrew Murr was named to three committees, including the powerful Transportation Committee, as well as Culture, Recreation & Tourism, and Rules & Resolutions. Murr will be the only member of the Transportation Committee from the Hill Country, and he said he is excited to get to work on the issues of importance to House District 53.

"With three different TxDOT districts inside House District 53, having a seat at this table is critical for our part of the state, and for rural Texas in general," Murr said. "In fact, there is only one other member on the committee from rural Texas, so I have no doubt that the challenges ahead will be great; particularly in light of all the changes to TxDOT funding on the agenda for this session."

Murr will also be the only representative from the Hill Country on the Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee. This will be an important committee assignment as well because it has oversight over Texas Parks and Wildlife, and because of the wide range of outdoor activities that take place in District 53 such as hunting and hiking, in addition to the tourism appeal of area wineries, bed & breakfasts and other weekend getaway destinations.

Rules and Resolutions is primarily a procedural committee where resolutions are streamlined to ensure that the limited amount of time for debate on the House floor is allocated to the most pressing issues facing the state. In announcing the assignments, Speaker Straus explained his rationale for each selection.

“With only 118 days left in the legislative session, we have a lot of important work ahead of us,” said Straus. “With these assignments, I have placed Members where I believe they can have the greatest impact on issues that directly relate to our economy and our future.”

Regan Ellmer