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What They Are Saying About “Healthy Families, Healthy Texas”, the House Plan on Health Care 
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by: Rep. Phelan, Dade

“Significant, bipartisan” legislation represents a “fundamental step forward”, provides “real policy solutions” and “takes positive steps to increase and expand access to affordable care”

Texas Medical Association:
“TMA President Diana Fite, MD, praised the group ‘for sponsoring and supporting the important health care priorities listed…showing that these state leaders clearly understand Texas must undertake broad health care reforms to improve the health of all Texans…From telemedicine to transparency to addressing disparities in health care, there are many beneficial proposals for Texas patients and the physicians who care for them. We look forward to working with these state leaders to ensure more of our patients have access to high-quality, timely, equitable, and affordable health care.” (Link)

Texas Hospital Association CEO Ted Shaw:
“We couldn’t agree more that Texans should have access to the best health care services possible, and we are pleased to see a significant, bipartisan spotlight on the issue this session. The package outlined by Texas House lawmakers makes major strides to increase access to and affordability, choice and quality of health care services. Texas hospitals wholeheartedly support these principles…The House package is a fundamental step toward a healthier Texas, and our hospitals want to build on this momentum. Now is the time to address the coverage gap in Texas and use billions in federal funding to do it.” (Link)

Children’s Hospital Association of Texas:
“The Children’s Hospital Association of Texas applauds Speaker Phelan’s Texas House Plan on Healthcare: Healthy Families, Healthy Texas. Ensuring children have access to the best healthcare is an issue that transcends partisanship, and the Speaker’s plan reflects that. Texas children and their families will be positively impacted by House Bill 4, which will ensure Texas continues to lead in pediatric telehealth and telemedicine, and House Bill 290, which ensures more continuous coverage for children on Medicaid.”

Texas Public Policy Foundation Right on Health Care Director David Balat:
“The ‘Healthy Families, Healthy Texas’ plan in the House highlights several critical reforms to reduce health care costs, empower patients, help low-income Texans, and get life-saving treatments, like vaccines, to vulnerable populations…Most of all, the plan forges a new bipartisan path for reforming our health care system instead of treading over the same old ground on government-run health care. TPPF looks forward to working with members of the House on these and other provisions to improve health outcomes for all Texans.” (Link)

Texas 2036:
“Great press conference on Texas health priorities this morning. Thank you to Speaker Dade Phelan
and everyone working on these great proposals to improve access to affordable health care for all Texans!” (Via Twitter, Link)

Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute:
"Texans are concerned about health care, and not just affordability, but also access to critical providers. We commend Speaker Phelan and the Texas House Republican Caucus and its members for taking a stand by providing real policy solutions to affordability and access…We look forward to working with the Texas House as they work to accomplish affordability and access for all Texans." (Link)

Texans Care for Children
“We’re thrilled to see that leaders of the Texas House are committed to passing critical health care legislation this session!... We are very grateful to Speaker Phelan, Chairman Frank, the bill authors, and the other House members for the strong commitment they are making today to advance these important bills for healthier moms, babies, and kids. We’re ready to work with the house, the Senate, and the Governor to help them move these bills quickly through the legislative process and ensure they become law. If they are successful, it will represent a critical step forward for health care in Texas.” (Link)

Texas Society of Anesthesiologists:
“Today, Speaker Dade Phelan and a bipartisan group of House Members held of press conference revealing the health care priorities of the #TXlege House. We are excited to support every bill on this list and appreciate the House's focus on improving healthcare for Texans!” (Via Twitter, Link)

The Texas Healthcare & Bioscience Institute:
“Thank you to Speaker Dade Phelan for your leadership in prioritizing healthy families and a healthy TX. We applaud you and the Representatives for the TX House Plan on Healthcare. THBI is #devotedtocare and ensuring all Texans have access to the treatments they need #txlege” (Via Twitter, Link)

Texas Association of Community Health Centers:
“Thank you Speaker Dade Phelan and the bipartisan group of lawmakers making health-care a priority with the "Healthy Families, Healthy Texas" initiative.” (Via Twitter, Link)

Every Texan Associate Director Anne Dunkelberg:
“The Speaker and House have elevated important and exciting bills that can make real change in Texas’ worst-in-nation uninsured rate, protecting kids’ coverage and investing in better maternal health for new mothers. And amid the ongoing pandemic, the bills to reduce racial and ethnic health disparities; improve care via broadband and telemedicine, vaccine access, affordable insulin, and investment in brain health are all heartily welcomed...” (Link)

Texas Oncology:
“On behalf of Texas Oncology, The US Oncology Network and the Texas Society of Clinical Oncology, we commend the Speaker and his team for supporting and prioritizing a legislative package that takes positive steps to increase and expand access to affordable care. We value the administration’s partnership as we continue to provide integrated community cancer care and support a healthier and prosperous Texas.”

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
“On behalf of the over 3,000 obstetricians and gynecologists in Texas and the women we serve, we commend you for embracing HB 133 by Representative Toni Rose, relating to the Medicaid eligibility of certain women after a pregnancy, and naming it a healthcare legislative priority for the Texas House of Representatives. This is such an important bill to keep Texas mothers healthy…We applaud your leadership on this very vital issue.”

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