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Rep. Jake Ellzey Files Bills to Help Stop High Speed Rail 
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by: Rep.

State Representative Jake Ellzey furthered his commitment in leading efforts to stop the high speed rail project by filing HB 3310 and HB 3311. Ellzey is concerned with the use of taxpayer monies to subsidize the project and the infringement on private property rights.

"I am greatly concerned about allowing a private developer to take and divide farmland and ranchland through eminent domain. In many cases families have owned this land for generations and their livelihood and ag operations depend on easy access to their land," commented Rep. Ellzey.

The proposed high-speed rail project has very little long-term benefits for residents in Ellis and Henderson county. While these communities might benefit from a few short-term jobs, the potential long-term costs far outweigh any limited near-term benefits.

Ellzey continued, "Dallas and Houston might potentially benefit, but the rest of Texas, especially those in House District 10 and others living between Dallas and Houston, will incur long-term damaging impacts. Especially clear during my recent town hall meetings is the fact constituents in House District 10 are adamant in wanting to put a halt to the high speed rail project. So am I."

· HB 3310 provides that a private entity (i.e., Texas Central Railway/Texas Central/Texas Central Partners, LLC) may not begin construction of a high-speed rail project unless the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) has determined that the entity has acquired all real property necessary for the construction of the project.

· HB 3311 ensures the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) cannot spend money and facilitate the development of high-speed rail in Texas.

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