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Representative Carl O. Sherman introduces legislation to improve energy grid 
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by: Rep. Sherman, Carl Sr.

Austin, Texas – State Representative Carl O. Sherman (District-109) announced today he will be introducing a bill in the 87th legislative session to assure that future recommendations made by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) are not disregarded when it comes to improving Texas’ energy grid.

The February 2021 winter storm, and the subsequent energy crisis across the state that severely disrupted the lives of millions of Texans exposed a variety of vulnerabilities in the state’s power grid that Representative Sherman is adamant should never happen again.

“Texans deserve to feel safe and have access to reliable energy when severe weather threatens,” Representative Sherman said of the recent arctic cold front that crippled the State of Texas. “It is for this reason that I feel it is imperative this legislation is introduced and passed in the 87th session and that all power operators have requirements to winterize all their generator’s infrastructures to protect lives.”

The introduction of Representative Sherman’s bill today can be likened to regulations in Wisconsin and will address the maintenance of power plants regarding insulation, heated pipes, and crushers to break up frozen coal as well as appropriate testing standards to ensure equipment can withstand temperatures under -40 degrees. This bill will make the same mandatory requirements for wind turbines and new energy sources to protect the reliability of these alternative energy sources to withstand below zero temperatures.

“This winter storm threatened the integrity of our power grid,” Representative Sherman concluded. “This was unnecessary, and many Texans suffered greatly and lost their lives. This bill if passed will be instrumental in assuring that lawmakers have addressed this critical situation, by making the winterizing and standard compulsory.”

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