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Representative Geanie Morrison 86th Legislative Session Recap  print page

by: Rep. Morrison, Geanie W.

AUSTIN, Texas -- With the closing of the 86th Legislative Session on Monday, Representative Geanie Morrison can head back to District 30 after having a very successful session. Rep. Morrison passed a monumental series of bills that will change how emergency management looks in Texas during future disasters. She also passed a number of important priorities from the district including paving the way for a new airport in DeWitt County, cracking down on illegal oyster harvesting in restricted areas and helping finance a new Health and Wellness Center for students at the University of Houston - Victoria. All of this during a historic session that saw the first major overhaul of public education finance in decades with the passage of HB 3 and property tax reform with SB 2.

Emergency Management

Rep. Morrison compared where the district was after last session with Hurricane Harvey to where it stands now at the end of this session, proud of the resiliency her constituents have demonstrated. "In the face of some of the worst times for our district, we saw the best of our community helping one another after Harvey and demonstrating to the country the strength and resolve of the Texas Spirit," said Rep. Morrison. "With the passage of HB 6, 7, 2305 and 2794, the way we respond to future disasters in Texas will have been greatly shaped by the lessons learned in our district and across the region. These bills will improve emergency response training for our local officials, streamline emergency management and unify the emergency management system in Texas."

The disaster management bills passed by Rep. Morrison create the Disaster Recovery Task Force, an emergency management workgroup and provide for the official move of the Texas Department of Emergency Management to Texas A&M. Additionally, Rep. Morrison was able to amend HB 2300 on to SB 6, creating the first Disaster Recovery Loan Program in Texas to help local communities fund much needed recovery efforts. The passage of HB 3815 will provide more notice to buyers they are purchasing a home in a floodplain by updating the Seller's Disclosure Notice. With the passage of HB 2856, scammers who take cash up front and never come back to do the work during disaster contracting will face harsher punishments.

District 30 Priorities

In addition to the emergency management bills, Rep. Morrison passed a number of high priority issues in the district including HB 1627, 1629, 2321, 2633, 2812, 3312, 3636, 3814 and 4280. These bills will provide land for the future DeWitt County Airport, remove Victoria from the emissions reduction plan, allow alcohol sales at the Fine Arts Center for the Victoria Symphony and provide a funding mechanism for a new Health and Wellness Center at the University of Houston - Victoria. Additionally, they will open up funds for improvements at the Cuero Cemetery, make it easier for victims of domestic abuse to escape their abusers by breaking their lease and improve sexual assault reporting at institutions of higher education.

Of course, all of this is on top of the hard work done this session to pass the state budget, provide for property tax reform and accomplish school finance reform. Rep. Morrison was proud to vote in support of a budget that invests $4.5 billion in school finance reform, provide a well deserved "13th check" for retired teachers, $2 billion for Hurricane Harvey Relief and $5 billion for property tax reform. Rep. Morrison said "many of these bills were the result of working with constituents in the district and these accomplishments are why I am so proud and grateful to represent District 30."

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