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Elected Officials Urge Congress for a Fair, Equitable, & Logical Approach to Federal Transportation Funding  print page

by: Rep. Lopez, Ray

Guaranteeing Infrastructure Texans Deserve: Elected Officials Urge Congress for a Fair, Equitable, & Logical Approach to Federal Transportation Funding

As Texas continues to experience substantial economic and population growth, the federal transportation system is failing to keep up with the increasing demand by Texas commuters. Texas continues to be subject to a federal funding inequality that has resulted in the State receiving less than its appropriate share of federal transportation funds. As of 2019, Texas is the sole "donor" state in the country, receiving only 95 cents in return for every dollar we send to the Federal government in federal fuel taxes. Texas contributes more to the Federal Highway Trust Fund than any other state, and receives proportionately less than any other state.

Words from Representative Ray Lopez
“Texas continues to be a desired destination for families. They bring their hopes and dreams but unfortunately not their roads. Congress should guarantee that Texas is not forced to be in a federal funding deficit."

Today, Representative Lopez joined Bruce Bugg, Chairman of the Texas Department of Transportation, Representative Canales, Chairman of the House Committee on Transportation, and Representative Landgraf, Vice Chair of the House Committee on Transportation, in vowing to change Texas' "donor" state status. "States like Alaska, New York, and California have been building roads on our dime for some time now," said Representative Landgraf. "Texas deserves its fair share." They stand in solidarity with all 38 members of the Texas Congressional delegation who singed a letter in Washington D.C. urging that Texas taxpayer dollars remain in the State of Texas. Chairman Canales stated, "Texas is experiencing dramatic economic and population growth, bringing in top companies and some of the greatest talent in the nation, yet it is facing great challenges in creating and maintaining the transportation system that Texans need. This is not a Republican or Democratic issue. This is a bipartisan issue. We must end the practice of Texas taxpayers funding projects in other states."

This funding inequality has led to the State losing approximately $940 million and Texas taxpayers being forced to pay for infrastructure projects in other states. This structural error partly stems from the use of old data. Congress continues to distribute funds using data from the 2000 census when Texas' population was only 20 million. Now approaching 30 million Texans, nearly two decades of population growth is not being reflected in the apportionment of federal transportation funding.

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