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Representative Ray Lopez Co-Authors Major School Finance Reform: House Bill 3 
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by: Rep. Lopez, Ray

Austin, TX - One of the first bills that Representative Lopez signed as a Co-author was House Bill 3. This legislation will fundamentally change the public school finance system in our State. Representative Lopez diligently joined over a hundred fellow House members that signed on as co-authors and publically supported this bill.

HB 3 invests $9 billion into public education, transforming the entire school finance system to accelerate student achievement, prioritize educator quality, and allocate more money for classrooms. "I am honored to join the extensive list of co-authors for HB 3," said Representative Lopez. "This bill will allocate more money into Texas classrooms and will assure the quality of our public educators more than ever before. As an elected official, education is a top priority of mine. And, with the current discrepancies that exist within our state public education system, it should be a top priority of every member of this legislature."

HB 3 - also known as the "Texas Plan"- was debated today on the House floor for several hours. House Bill 3 modernizes the decades-old funding formulas that have failed to adequately supply Texas students with the resources and programs needed to succeed.

House Bill 3 provides property tax reform by lowering school property tax rates by four cents statewide and reduces recapture payments by more than 38% this biennium. HB 3 also provides an additional $140 million for teacher recruitment and retainment purposes. Furthermore, it creates allotments for training educators to effectively combine e-learning and traditional classroom methods, otherwise known as "blended learning."

Most importantly, this bill will establish funding for full-day Pre-K for low income students and provide funding for extended year summer instruction. The current transportation funding model will be updated and the allocation for building and equipping new facilities will quadruple to $100 million per year. Additionally, more money will be dedicated to educational programs, such as dual-language immersion, dyslexia identification, and expanded career & technology courses. Concerns that have been identified as the most critical for early childhood development.
Representative Lopez is proud to be a co-author on HB 3 and is optimistic about the impacts of HB 3 on our public education system. "As a former President of Northside ISD, I am grateful to have been apart of moving this bill closer to becoming law."

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