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Rep. Eric Johnson Files Bill to Level Playing Field for Publications Serving Minority Communities  print page

by: Rep. Johnson, Eric

AUSTIN, TEXAS –State Rep. Eric Johnson filed legislation Friday to ensure government notices are published in newspapers that largely serve minority audiences.

House Bill 4210 removes a requirement that government notices can only be published in newspapers designated as second-class postal matter. This requirement in current law often prevents governments from publishing their notices in smaller, minority-owned newspapers that do not have the resources to maintain the second-class postal designation.

“Minority-owned newspapers often reach communities and residents who are not engaged with larger media outlets,” said Rep. Johnson, Dallas. “The readers of these publications should be able to see the notices that connect the public with important government information. In addition, these smaller newspapers should be able to benefit from publishing notices, just as larger publications do.”

The minority population in Texas is growing rapidly. Hispanic Texans are expected to outnumber white Texans by about 2022, and Texas has one of the largest African-American populations in the country.

“All communities in Texas should have access to public notices,” Rep. Johnson said. “As our minority population continues to grow, our laws should recognize that a diverse population consumes news and information from a variety of sources.”

Rep. Johnson filed similar legislation in 2017.

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