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State Representative Vikki Goodwin Files HB 2139 To Improve School Finance Basic Allotment  print page

by: Rep. Goodwin, Vikki

(Austin, Texas) -- State Representative Vikki Goodwin of Travis County (HD 47) filed HB 2139 that requires an annual adjustment to the school finance basic allotment that helps to fund school districts across the state.

"The basic allotment within the Foundation School Program fails to keep up with the needs of Texas school children," said Representative Goodwin, "HB 2139 seeks to ensure that, at the very least, funding per student stays on pace with inflation—which it currently does not."

The basic allotment—the base guaranteed amount that every school district receives per student—sits at $5,140. Currently, the allotment amount cannot increase without the involvement of the Texas Legislature each biennium. The basic allotment was last increased in 2015.

Beginning in 2021, Representative Goodwin's bill would require the basic allotment to increase annually by at least 1 percent or at the rate of the Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, whichever is greater.

"The basic allotment is the building block of our school finance system and the primary funding mechanism for schools in Texas," said Representative Goodwin, "It must reflect the changing needs of our students and our economy."

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