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Representative John Wray Introduces Legislation Giving School Shooting Victims Equal Justice  print page

by: Rep. Wray, John

(Austin, TX) - State Representative John Wray (Waxahachie) filed legislation that ensures equal justice for victims of school shootings. The bill extends a penalty of felony in the first degree to any victims of a school shooting, not just some.

"In light of a shooting incident that occurred in an Ellis County high school, we learned that school shooting victims did not receive equal justice under current law. Our district attorney alerted us to the fact that due to the victim's age, the penalty was lower than had the victim been a younger student or a teacher," said Wray.

House Bill 1381 addresses the inconsistency that arises when an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon occurs on school grounds. Currently, a school shooter can be charged with first or second degree felony depending on whom the shooter assaults. If a child 14 years or younger or a public servant is the victim, the current penalty is a felony in the first degree. If the aggravated assault is against a visitor, non-teacher/staffer, or any other student, the crime is merely a second degree felony.

"It just doesn't make sense that age would determine the penalty applied in this crime against students. I want to notify any person who would harm our students that our prosecutors are armed with the best tools available for applying appropriate justice for all students. This bill ensures that the punishment fits the crime, and that one student is not seen any differently than another in one of these heinous, evil events," said Wray.

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