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Pothole Protection from the Police: Rep. Calanni Files Her Third Bill  print page

by: Rep. Calanni, Gina

Austin, TX -- Texas State Rep. Gina Calanni (HD 132) has filed House Bill 1308, which seeks to make Katy police officers eligible to apply for certification to enforce commercial vehicle standards for overweight trucks that pass through Katy city limits. Similar legislation bracketed to other municipalities passed overwhelmingly in previous sessions.

“I’m proud to file this bill for the safety of Katy residents.” said Rep. Calanni. “Under HB 1308, Katy police officers will be able to carry out the same functions as DPS officers to enforce state safety standards for large, overweight trucks.”

Currently, the Texas Department of Public Safety is the only law enforcement agency in the area authorized to enforce overweight commercial vehicle safety standards, but they do not have the resources to continually police downtown Katy. The cost of the scales and training was already budgeted for in the most recent city budget. No fiscal implication to state government would be anticipated.

“After Katy City Council voted unanimously last summer to support this type of legislation, we are grateful to Representative Calanni for her efforts to make Katy roads safe for our residents and allow our officers to target enforcement at overweight trucks that damage our city’s infrastructure,” said Katy Council Member At-Large Chris Harris.

Rep. Calanni continued, “We have an obligation to give our local police every tool at their disposal to protect motorists on our roads and prevent road damage and potholes caused by overweight trucks. The goal of this bill is plain and simple: keep our roads safe.”

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