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Rep. Sheffield Statement on Gatesville Explosion at Coryell Memorial  print page

by: Rep. Sheffield, J. D.

GATESVILLE, Texas - Around 2:15 yesterday afternoon, there was an explosion at Coryell Memorial Hospital in an area of new construction. At this time, reports have claimed one fatality and 12 injuries in the explosion, and reports have none of the hospital’s patients or staff injured. Hospital patients are being transferred to local facilities in surrounding communities, while experts evaluate the structural status of the medical complex. Details are still emerging as the response unfolds, nevertheless, the Emergency response from Gatesville and surrounding communities has been overwhelming.

Rep. Sheffield stated, "I was in a Select committee hearing on the Opioid crisis in Austin when the explosion occurred, and returned immediately to Gatesville to asses the situation. At this time, I will stay in Gatesville to focus on the immediate needs of our community. Our office has been closely monitoring developments and will offer assistance and share updates as they become available. We have been in contact with several agencies, the Governor's office, and numerous federal state and local offices and all stand ready to assist."

"I have many patients, friends and colleagues from my time as a physician at Coryell Memorial. Your prayers for the hospital community and all those affected are greatly appreciated. I want to extend my sincere appreciation to the hospital leadership and staff for their management of this crisis, and my deepest thanks to the emergency response personnel and surrounding hospitals for their assistance in our community's time of need."

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