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by: Rep. Wilson, Terry

(Georgetown) On Monday, the Houston Chronicle released an article in response to the finalized budget signed by Governor Greg Abbott. We strongly support the Texas Department of Public Safety and all of the Troopers throughout the great State of Texas.

The Legislative Appropriations process called for a 4% reduction across all agencies to help deal with the revenue reduction the state is facing to include the Department of Public Safety. We know that the Department of Public Safety and Director McCraw will do their best to utilize all funds appropriated by the legislature to keep Texas and its citizens safe.

One of the many programs that has seen issues in the last few years is driver license services. We need to recognize on a state level that the program, though evolving quickly, is not keeping up with demand seen in recent years. The Department of Public safety has done a great job in compensating for the lack of additional funding and serving our citizens well.

Currently the state is allowed to contract with counties to allow counties to offer driver license renewal services and personal identification services. House Bill 3050 by Representative Phil King would expand the option to municipalities across the state. Once signed into law we expect that House Bill 3050 will help significantly reduce some of the extra strain on the driver license department within DPS. House Bill 3050 is currently on the Governor's desk awaiting his signature.

State Representative Terry M. Wilson represents Burnet, Milam, and parts of Williamson County. Representative Wilson strives to best represent his constituents and make a lasting impact where it matters most, at home. Among Representative Wilson's top priorities are citizen protection, education, fiscal responsibility, and a unified vision for the State of Texas.

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