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by: Rep. Springer, Drew

Austin, TX--On Wednesday, Rep. Drew Springer laid out two important tax bills to the House Committee on Ways & Means. This committee, of which Rep. Springer also serves on, handles all of the tax policy for the State of Texas. The two bills that Springer laid out, HB 27 and HB 1370, are essential in ensuring that our local and state governments work together to serve the people's best interests.

HB 27 is a bill that would provide important clarifications to ensure that all property in Texas is appraised at market value using generally accepted appraisal standards. In states such as Michigan and Indiana, big-box retailers like Lowes have successfully used the argument that fully-functioning retail store locations are equivalent in value to vacant buildings, or "dark stores", for property tax purposes. "Large retailers are attempting to use the 'Dark Store Theory' to circumvent paying their proper amount of property taxes," Rep. Springer stated. "If we allow this practice to continue, it is estimated that homeowners could potentially see up to a 50% tax increase as the tax base is shifted."

Additionally, Rep. Springer laid out HB 1370. Local governments, like the state, rely on sales tax revenue for much of their budget and pay the Comptroller’s office a significant fee to collect, administer and enforce that local sales tax. This bill would allow the Comptroller to share additional sales tax information with local governments, particularly small towns, concerning local sales tax collections, a practice that is currently prevented in statute. Rep. Springer believes that passage of this bill "ensures that our local entities are better prepared to manage the tax dollars entrusted to them by voters".

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