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Debate Over Anti-Immigrant Legislation Starts in the Texas House  print page

by: Rep. Ortega, Evelina "Lina"

House State Affairs Committee Considers Senate Bill 4

AUSTIN –State Representative Lina Ortega issued the following statement on today’s House Committee Hearing on so-called “sanctuary cities” bill:

"The House Committee on State Affairs will hear Senate Bill 4 after it was passed out of the Senate on a party-line vote last month. This bill is an attempt to further marginalize our immigrant community and place an undue burden on local law enforcement entities.

“S.B. 4 would also have negative legal implications for El Paso County, where a current settlement out of a federal court prohibits El Paso County Sheriff's Deputies from enforcing federal immigration laws where our local law enforcement is not trained to do so.”

Hundreds of witnesses are expected to offer testimony on the bill, many of whom already testified against the bill in the Senate.

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