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Rep. Capriglione Files HB 8 & HB 9: The Texas Cybersecurity Bills 
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by: Rep. Capriglione, Giovanni

Austin, TX -- Representative Capriglione filed two bills today relating to cybersecurity, HB 8 and HB 9. HB 8, the Texas Cybersecurity Act, is an omnibus piece of legislation designed to enhance and better equip the state’s cybersecurity programs. HB 9, the Texas Cybercrime Act, provides additional tools in the fight against ransomware and malware by cybercriminals.

"As the use of technology increases in our daily lives, it is more important than ever that private citizen data is protected," said Representative Capriglione. "With more sensitive information stored online, we need the necessary tools to educate and protect ourselves from the rapidly evolving world of sophisticated cyberattacks. "

The Texas Cybersecurity Act seeks to minimize Texas' vulnerability to cyberattacks by assessing risk at state agencies, effectively and securely managing our data, working with leaders in information technology, and implementing best practices for cybersecurity. Some other key features of the bill include: creating a cybersharing task force, evaluating Texas' election infrastructure, reviewing the collection of private information, and cybersecurity training.

The Texas Cybercrime Act seeks to prosecute the criminal activity, not the technology, resulting in a more lasting approach to addressing cybercrime.

"Representative Capriglione has spent months looking at how to better protect citizens' private data," said House Speaker Joe Straus, San Antonio. "Thanks to the good work of Representative Capriglione and several House committees, we have an opportunity to pass needed, significant cybersecurity legislation this year."

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