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by: Rep. Krause, Matt

AUSTIN, TEXAS - Yesterday, Rep. Matt Krause filed HB 1865, a bill that will provide for a more uniform starting and ending date for all public schools in Texas. “Having our schools start and end their school years together will be a great benefit to our state,” said Rep. Krause. “It’ll give families more predictable summer holiday schedules and better support the industries that revolve around summertime travel and recreation.”

HB 1865 will have a positive impact on the state’s economy. According to a 2013 Perryman Group study, creating a uniform summer schedule is estimated to have a potential $800 million positive impact to the state’s economy and provide an estimated 5800 jobs.

“HB 1865 by Rep. Matt Krause not only benefits families but it will ensure Texas tourism creates even more needed jobs and will add approximately $1 billion into the Texas economy,” Jim Brothers, chair of the Texas Travel Industry Association stated. “The Texas tourism industry thanks Rep. Krause for his dedication to Texas tourism and his innovative approach to job creation and increased revenue that will keep overall taxes down for Texans.”

David Teel, president of the Texas Travel Industry Association, stated, “HB 1865 could potentially add approximately $1 billion to the Texas economy, thus creating additional tax revenue for state and local governments to fund critical services, including public education.”

“HB 1865 will provide a beneficial simplicity to our school calendar,” said Rep. Krause. “It’ll be good for families, good for business, and ultimately good for Texas.”

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