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State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson: Appointed Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Energy Resources 
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by: Rep. Anderson, Charles "Doc"

February 9, 2017 (AUSTIN)—Today, State Representative Charles “Doc” Anderson (Waco) announced his committee assignments for the 85th Texas Legislature which has been underway in Austin, our State’s Capital, since January 10th.

Committee assignments were determined by Texas House Speaker Joe Straus and were announced to the members of the Texas House and the public on Thursday. Speaker Straus announced that Representative Anderson would serve as the Vice Chairman of the Committee on Energy Resources and as a member of the House Committee on Agriculture and Livestock. During the previous session, Anderson, a retired veterinarian, served as the Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture and Livestock and as a member of the Committee on Economic & Small Business Development.

“I am excited to join the leadership of the House Committee on Energy Resources,” Representative Anderson said. “This committee has oversight of our state’s huge oil and gas industry—the largest economic driver in our state which is vital to our entire nation’s long-term security interests,” he added.

Anderson said that he was pleased that he would continue his service as a member of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee, a committee he has served on since first being elected to the Texas House.

“As a member of both the Energy Resources and Agriculture and Livestock Committees, I have the unique ability to engage in issues affecting our state’s two largest industries which together are responsible for employing three out of every seven working Texans,” Anderson said. My committee assignments afford me the opportunity to affect the lives of every Texan and to help make our state, stronger, more self-reliant, efficient, and responsive to Texas taxpayers,” Representative Anderson added.

“The Oil & Gas and Agriculture industries have a proud and rich history in Texas,” Anderson said. ”Through these committee assignments, I will have the opportunity to protect our state’s unique heritage while at the same time working to help prepare our state for the future,” he added.

Representative Anderson said that the Energy Resources Committee has jurisdiction of all matters pertaining to: the conservation of the energy resources of Texas; the production, regulation, transportation, and development of oil, gas, and other energy resources; mining and the development of mineral deposits within the state; the leasing and regulation of mineral rights under public lands; pipelines, pipeline companies, and all others operating as common carriers in the state; electric utility regulation as it relates to energy production and consumption; identifying, developing, and using alternative energy sources; increasing energy efficiency throughout the state; the coordination of the state's efforts related to the federal designation of threatened and endangered species as it relates to energy resources in the state; and the following state agencies: the Railroad Commission of Texas, the Texas representative for the Office of Interstate Oil and Gas Compact, the Office of Interstate Mining Compact Commissioner for Texas, the State Energy Conservation Office, and the Office of Southern States Energy Board Member for Texas.

Anderson said that the Agriculture and Livestock Committee has jurisdiction of all matters pertaining to: agriculture, horticulture, and farm husbandry; livestock and stock raising, and the livestock industry; the development and preservation of forests, and the regulation, control, and promotion of the lumber industry; problems and issues particularly affecting rural areas of the state, including issues related to rural economic development and the provision of and access to infrastructure, education, and health services; and the following state agencies: the Department of Agriculture, the Texas Animal Health Commission, the State Soil and Water Conservation Board, the Texas A&M Forest Service, the Texas administrator for the South Central Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact, the Texas Apiary Inspection Service, Texas A&M AgriLife Research, the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, the Food and Fibers Research Council, the State Seed and Plant Board, the State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory, the Produce Recovery Fund Board, the board of directors of the Texas Boll Weevil Eradication Foundation, Inc., and the Texas Wildlife Services.

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