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Rep. Cain Files Bill to Protect Public Employees Reporting Sanctuary City Policies  print page

by: Rep. Cain, Briscoe

On Monday January 30, Representative Briscoe Cain filed HB 1344, a bill designed to protect police officers who attempt to enforce immigration laws in sanctuary cities- municipalities that openly defy Federal immigration law.

This bill comes in anticipation of Governor Abbott’s State of the State Address on Tuesday, the 31st, in which he is expected to name sanctuary city legislation as one of his priorities for the 85th legislative session.

“Illegal immigration is a problem that disproportionately affects Texas, when compared to other states. Sanctuary cities exacerbate that problem,” Rep. Cain stated. “Our police officers and other public employees should not be in fear of losing their jobs because they notify the authorities of these policies.”

In addition to filing HB 1344, Rep. Cain has co-authored HB393, which ends in-state tuition subsidies for illegal immigrants.

Briscoe Cain is the State Representative for House District 128, located in Southeast Harris County. He is currently serving his first term in the Texas House of Representatives.

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