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by: Rep. Krause, Matt

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Last Friday, Rep. Krause sent a letter to the executive commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission, Chris Traylor, urging the commission to thoroughly research how access to care would be affected by proposed rate cuts to Medicaid reimbursements for acute care therapy services (including physical, occupational, and speech therapies). “I'm very concerned about this matter,” said Rep. Krause, “and I believe that there are several questions in this process that would be wise to investigate and consider before the HHSC proceeds toward a final decision on this issue.”

After several days of testimony last week, Judge Tim Sulak on Friday formally issued a temporary injunction against the HHSC implementing the proposed rate cuts slated to start Oct. 1st. “In light of the injunction that Judge Sulak issued, I would still like for the HHSC, as we continue along with this process, to redouble its efforts to learn precisely how these cuts will affect the quality of care and access to care of the patients that utilize and need these services,” said Rep. Krause. “This information is vital to guiding the HHSC as it proceeds on its path to follow through with the Legislature's intent and maintaining the best interests of the Texans affected by these proposed cuts.

The rate cuts are in response to a study claiming that Texas pays more in these kinds of Medicaid reimbursements compared to other states and private insurers and that it needs to reduce payments to a more sustainable level. “While making sure we are good stewards of tax dollars and trying to seek the most appropriate levels of reimbursement,” said Rep. Krause, “I believe it would be most appropriate not to proceed pursuing any rate cuts without better knowing how they will affect the care that as a state we've committed to providing to these Texans in need.”

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