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The Texas House of Representatives Welcomes Dr. Leroy Fenton As Pastor of the Day  print page

by: Rep. Wray, John

Ellis County Pastor Dr. Leroy Fenton leads Texas House in opening prayer

AUSTIN -- The 84th Legislative Session is well underway as the 31 Senators and 150 Representatives work fervently to establish the budget and consider the more than 6,000 bills that have been filed. But amidst the work and busy schedules, the long-standing and valued tradition of opening each day in prayer still prevails.

Every time the bodies convene, an invocation is given by the "Pastor of the Day". As a Freshman Representative, Rep. John Wray of District 10 was eager to nominate Dr. Leroy Fenton, his Waxahachie childhood pastor, for this honor. On April 1, 2015, Dr. Leroy Fenton opened the proceedings by thanking the members for their "intelligence and austerity" as they work to improve the well-being of all Texans. He stated that his Texas roots run deep, as his great-great grandfather received a Land Grant from the Republic of Texas in 1838, and that he appreciates the work that the members of the House put forth. The prayer follows:

"Our Father in heaven, we bow before you on this incredible day to worship in spirit and in truth and to seek your blessing and wisdom. May our emotions, our thoughts, and our wills be acceptable in your sight. Together, we are grateful for the privilege of prayer in this assembly of elected leaders and in this state and nation, where in freedom we find the honest and foremost identity and sincerity of our soul before our God. Therefore, Lord, we make these petitions to you for your favor and blessings this day. Lord, where there is vision, give hope and faith; where there is stress, give peace and comfort; where there is frustration, give control and understanding; where there is uncertainty, give guidance and counsel; where there is collaboration, give gratitude and sensitivity; where there is laughter, give contentment and joy; where there is timidity, give courage and boldness; where there is pride, give humility and grace; where there is suffering, give patience and healing; and where there is success, give strength and resolve. Above all and in all things positive or negative, give us an abundance of love for God and for others, a love that is exceedingly greater than the love we have of self. And when the day is over, may each have been the best in charity, the grandest in humility, the highest in morality, the noblest in character, the greatest in service, and the wisest in action, thereby giving glory to God and receiving the due respect of colleagues and peers. We pray God s’ many favors upon each other for the good of this body, the State of Texas, our nation, and the farther reaches of our world. Be with us always even unto the ends of the earth. This prayer of blessing is offered in the name of Jesus, our Christ. Amen."

Dr. Leroy Fenton was pastor of First Baptist Church of Waxahachie for 27 years. He and his wife Jan are retired and live in Waxahachie, staying active in a variety of different organizations throughout the community including CASA of Ellis County, the Waxahachie Education Task Force, and Baylor Scott & White.

John Wray is a principled conservative serving in his first term as Texas State Representative, House District 10, the area encompassing Ellis County and part of Henderson County. John currently resides in Waxahachie with his wife, Michele, and their two children, Morgan and Patrick.

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