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Representative Wray lays out first bill on the House floor  print page

by: Rep. Wray, John

HB 2419 passes on third reading 142-0

Austin-- On Tuesday, April 21, House Bill 2419 passed to engrossment on a vote of 142 to 0. The bill, which makes technical adjustments to bring uniformity to the Estates Code and Texas Probate Code, is particularly significant as it was the first bill authored by Representative Wray to be passed to engrossment. Wray is one of only two freshman representatives to have passed a bill thus far, adding to the growing list of achievements of his first legislative session.

"I was thrilled by the opportunity to lay out my first bill. And while I've enjoyed every step of the process, from the drafting of the bill to moving it through committee, it was especially meaningful to lay out the bill before my colleagues in the Texas House Chamber and receive unanimous approval."

House Bill 2419 will be received by the Senate, where it will again be referred and voted on by the committee. If favorably reported, it will then be considered by the full Senate before making its way to the Governor's desk. Wray is proud of this accomplishment, and hopeful that the experience of H.B. 2419 will be repeated: "While passing your first piece of legislation is a significant milestone for any member of the legislature, it is just a small step in legislature, it is just a small step in achieving the results I've been sent to Austin to attain for our district and the great state of Texas."

Representative Wray has laid out nine bills before House committees, four of which now moving through the Calendars and Local and Consent Calendars and are awaiting placement before the entire House for final consideration.

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