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Nichols and Phelan file TRB for Lamar State College - Orange 
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by: Rep. Phelan, Dade

Austin, TX - Senator Robert Nichols (Jacksonville) and Representative Dade Phelan (Beaumont) jointly filed Senate Bill 323 and House Bill 784, which would authorize a tuition-backed revenue bond (TRB) to fund a much needed multi-purpose education building on the Lamar State College-Orange campus.

"As colleges continue to grow, we need to make sure we are providing them with adequate facilities," said Nichols. "A new multipurpose building will help Lamar State College - Orange to reach more students and provide further opportunities for local industries."

The multi-purpose building will be used to provide space for the continuing and workforce education department on campus. This program provides non-credit student learning opportunities for the community and customized training programs for local businesses and industries.
“We must give our students and faculty the best quality tools and resources available to ensure that today’s students become tomorrow’s workforce,” Representative Phelan said. “Lamar State College-Orange is a vital asset to Southeast Texas and it is important we keep them moving forward.”
The multi-purpose building will also house the College Success program which provides resources for incoming students. It will also include space for large lecture rooms that can be utilized campus wide.

“Lamar State College- Orange is grateful that Senator Nichols and Representative Phelan have filed this bill on our behalf to ensure that we continue to provide quality education to our students and prepare them with the resources to head into the workforce,” Dr. J. Michael Shahan, President of Lamar State College-Orange, said. “With our student population increasing it is vital to have the adequate space to meet the needs of the growing population.”

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