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Murr Sworn in as new State Representative for District 53 
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by: Rep. Murr, Andrew

JUNCTION, TX – Yesterday, Andrew Murr joined the 21 other newly elected members of the Texas House and was sworn into office on the first day of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature. Surrounded by friends, family and supporters, Murr presented his broad policy goals for the year.

"One of my primary motivations for seeking this seat in the House stemmed from my experiences as a County Judge, dealing with unfunded mandates and overreach from both Austin and Washington," said Murr. "The people of our counties and cities and school districts should be free to govern themselves and to control their property and natural resources.

Murr continued, "Water has been, and will remain, a vital issue in our district, so I will be intimately involved in the debate over any legislation relating to the management, use and conservation of surface and ground water. I will also be on the front lines in the battle to protect our property rights and water rights from federal overreach."

Murr outlined several other key items on his legislative agenda, including pushing for increased transparency in state budgeting, strengthening Second Amendment protections while making open-carry available to Texans, and enhancing border security. He also spoke of the importance of constituent service and his commitment to ensuring the 15,000-square mile district receives excellent service from his office.

“Constituent service is one of the primary obligations of a state representative, and it will be a top priority of mine this year,” Murr said. “I want to make sure people from every corner of our 12-county district have easy access to my office, and I will be announcing policies to that end in the coming weeks. Regardless of where a person lives, it should be convenient for all citizens to interact with their representative."

Murr's capitol office in Austin, staffed by two veterans of the legislature, Regan Ellmer and Debbie Van Bibber, will be located on the first floor of the extension in room E1.412. Ellmer, who will serve as Chief of Staff, is entering his third legislative session with experience on both the House and Senate sides of the capitol. In addition to working with members, he also has extensive experience working on legislative committees with an emphasis on transportation issues. Van Bibber will serve as Administrative Assistant with more than two decades of experience on Rep. Harvey Hilderbran's staff, her institutional knowledge of the District 53 office, existing casework load and other holdover issues will allow for a smooth transition between Rep. Hilderbran and Rep. Murr.

Murr concluded, "I am ready for the challenges ahead and honored to serve many of the same hard-working communities my grandfather served nearly a century ago. My pledge is that I will go to work every day and do my dead-level best to represent the interests of the families of our district. They deserve, and should expect, no less."

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