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Texas Association of Business Names Representative Flynn "Champion of Free Enterprise"  print page

by: Rep. Flynn, Dan

AUSTIN - The Texas Association of Business (TAB) recently released their 2013 report on how lawmakers voted during the 2013 Legislative Session, grading them on issues critical to Texas business. State Representative Dan Flynn (Van) was named a "Champion of Free Enterprise" for his work to protect private sector businesses from unnecessary regulation and mandates. Representative Flynn scored a cumulative 93% for the 83rd Session.

"No legislative session is easy," said TAB President and CEO Bill Hammond. "We were in much better financial shape this session compared to 2011, but we still faced some very hard decisions. I feel the legislature set the right priorities to keep the business climate strong which will keep jobs coming to our state."

The 2013 "For the Record" used a total of 26 votes (15 in the House and 11 in the Senate) to score lawmakers. These votes accurately represent the most critical bills and amendments that TAB supported or opposed.
There were many who did not make the grade to receive an award, but it should be noted that overall this Legislature as a whole voted more for pro-business legislation than in past sessions.

Those lawmakers scoring the highest will be honored as "Champions of Free Enterprise" and "Fighters for Free Enterprise" at TAB's Annual Conference on Feb. 5 and 6 in Austin.

"Voting for the interests of Texas businesses helps everyone," said Hammond. "It means our economy will continue to grow and our employment picture will continue to improve. We may still face tough economic times in the future because of federal policies, but at least we will maintain a leg up in Texas because of the actions of our pro-business Legislature and our pro-business state leadership."

Representative Flynn worked on numerous pieces of pro-business legislation during the 83rd session including HB1233/SB1248 which earned him the 2013 Lone Star Awards for Legislative Excellence from The Boating Trades Association of Texas (BTAT). Flynn also carried legislation that discouraged the implementation of the burdensome Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as well as bills that worked to streamline licensing and certification requirements for businesses and respective agencies.

"I am honored to have the support of a group that represents such a large percentage of businesses in House District 2 and across Texas," commented Rep. Flynn. "It remains my goal to continue to promote a healthy business climate in Texas. With the help and support of TAB I am confident that we can maintain this conservative, pro-business mentality through future legislative sessions."

An interactive version of the report is available on the TAB website

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