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Texas House Passes Major Abortion Regulation Legislation,  print page

by: Rep. Flynn, Dan

Texas House Passes Major Abortion Regulation Legislation, Senate Filibusters & Votes After Midnight Deadline SB5 Fails to Pass

AUSTIN - Monday, Pro-Life members of the Texas House used their majority to ensure life was respected and standard's for women's health care were raised with the passage of Senate Bill 5, an omnibus abortion regulation bill. Tuesday, the Texas Senate entertained a nearly 13 hour filibuster which ultimately prohibited the bill from passing. SB5 would have banned abortions performed after 20 weeks (currently abortions are performed up to 24 weeks), and increased regulatory standards on abortion facilities and procedure by bringing them in line with other surgical procedures already under the same type of regulation.

Representative Dan Flynn (Van), an ardent and outspoken pro-life supporter and one of the 60 House members who petitioned Governor Perry to add pro-life legislation to the first Special Session call list, stated his support for SB5 and his disappointment at its failure to pass, "This was a sound piece of legislation that would have ensured life was protected, facilities were well regulated, and the well-being of the mother was made a priority throughout the procedure and afterwards. I am disappointed that legislation with so many positive end results for women was made a mockery and ultimately defeated," said Representative Flynn on Wednesday morning.

"With the filibustering of SB5, the Senate not only halted an important piece of pro-life legislation, but vital pieces of transportation and juvenile justice legislation were sacrificed in the process," Representative Flynn continued. "The Texas Legislature adjourned sine die failing to fulfill half of the Governor's action items for this first called session. It appears inevitable that the Legislature will return for a second special at the cost of millions of additional tax payer dollars in order to redo the work we spent the month of June accomplishing."

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