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On May 4, 2013 several bills came before the Texas House of Representatives  print page

by: Rep. Sheffield, J. D.

On May 4, 2013 several bills came before the Texas House of Representatives that protect our Second Amendment rights. “As a Concealed Handgun License holder, I understand the right to protect yourself, your property and your family,” said State Representative J.D. Sheffield. “A number of measures were passed in the House with my support.”

House Bill 48 allows concealed handgun license holders to renew online.

House Bill 485 reduces the renewal fee for a concealed license for discharged veterans, certain peace officers and state employees who use a gun for work, such as prison guards, from $140 to $25.
House Bill 508 imposes a penalty for agencies that improperly display a “no firearms” sign that could incorrectly subject concealed-permit holders to charges.

House Bill 698 allows applicants seeking a concealed handgun license to submit their fingerprints digitally only if a facility to process those exists within 25 miles of their home.

House Bill 972 allows concealed handgun license-holders to bring firearms into university buildings if the school chooses to let them. It would remove the criminalization of those license holders who bring guns into buildings, previously a third-degree felony. Schools would have to define rules for bringing firearms into sporting events and for the securing of weapons in university housing.

House Bill 1009 creates a school marshal position for public schools. The marshal would be trained extensively and have access to a weapon in emergency situations.

These bills will now head to the Texas Senate.

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