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Stephenson cuts through confusing Concealed Hand License rules; helps constituent  print page

by: Rep. Stephenson, Phil

Texas is over-burdened with cumbersome regulations that affect every aspect of our daily lives. One of the great pleasures of serving as a state representative is helping individual constituents, who have been compromised, great or small, by our state's ever-growing rulebook. State Representative Phil Stephenson (HD 85, South Ft. Bend, Wharton and Jackson Co.) recently had the opportunity to aid such a constituent.

William Wood, a resident of Louise (Wharton County), who had been a Concealed Handgun License holder for several years, when he went to renew his CHL, discovered that the process was confusing, time consuming and expensive. After completing what he understood to be the proper requirements to reinstate his CHL, Mr. Wood was repeatedly denied by the Texas Department of Public Safety. When exemplary customer assistance from Carrol's Gun Shop in Wharton still brought no result, Mr. Wood contacted his new State Representative, Phil Stephenson. After a few phone calls, and an intervention by DPS Chief of Staff, Duke Bodisch, the matter was quickly resolved and Mr. Wood had his CHL reissued.

Several bills have been filed in the Texas House aimed at streamlining the process for renewing a Concealed Handgun License. Representative Stephenson was recently appointed to the Government Efficiency and Reform Committee, a committee that has authority over licensing and regulation in the state of Texas.

When asked about this issue, Representative Stephenson was brief,
"This is my job, first and foremost. I'm glad I could help Mr. Wood. The state needs to stop making life unnecessarily difficult on our citizens."

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