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Stephenson files HB 1256 on behalf of constituents, taxpayers and representatives  print page

by: Rep. Stephenson, Phil

Recently Representative Phil Stephenson (HD85, south Ft. Bend, Wharton and Jackson counties)filed House Bill 1256, a bill that allows legislators to save taxpayers money on district office space.

The Government Code that regulates real property leases, though well intentioned, in reality, hurts both the taxpayers of Texas as well as constituents. Currently only non-profits can donate real property to the State of Texas. HB 1256 broadens the code to allow office space, either owned in part or whole, by a member of the legislature, if that office space resides in the legislator's district. The explicit use of this space is to serve the needs of the representative's constituents.

When asked about the bill, Stephenson commented,

"This is a win-win for both the members of our citizen legislature, many of whom are self-employed, or who might own a substantial interest in a business that owns office space, as well as the constituents who will have district access to their elected representative with minimal delay."

HB 1256 makes it easier for representatives to help constituents, which is their job.

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