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by: Rep. Bohac, Dwayne

HOUSTON- Today, the Houston City Council voted unanimously to adopt a comprehensive ordinance establishing minimum habitability standards and a program for regular inspection of apartments. State Representative Dwayne Bohac (Houston) and Senator Rodney Ellis (Houston) worked on legislation requiring the city of Houston to adopt a multi-family unit ordinance that set up a regular inspection program in the city.

During the legislative session, Bohac and Ellis worked with city officials, civic leaders and other stakeholders on language for House Bill 1819 that requires Houston to establish a regular inspection program with stiff penalties for apartment owners who fail to correct habitability, structural and safety issues. With the passage of the ordinance the inspection program will begin and ample personnel will be dedicated to this important task.

I was thrilled to have worked so closely with my friend Senator Ellis on House Bill 1819. This bill is right for folks who live in apartments because it will help ensure safer living conditions, and its right for surrounding neighborhoods and communities. I am also proud of the way the Houston City Council worked in a bi-partisan manner to address this important issue, said Rep. Bohac. "This ordinance represents great progress in protecting apartment residents and the surrounding neighborhoods and communities."

Under the inspection program the oldest properties will be inspected first. After this initial inspection, all properties will be inspected on a regular, cyclical basis. The new ordinance proposes inspecting for over 45 different items, including structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other safety and aesthetic conditions.

"This ordinance gives landlords the guidance they need, and the city of Houston the authority it needs to keep residents of multi-family dwellings safe. I commend city officials on its adoption," said State Senator Rodney Ellis.

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