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by: Rep. Gutierrez, Roland

San Antonio Lawmaker's Measure to Help Small Businesses Compete
In Current Economic Climate By Staying Open on Sundays if They Choose

(Austin) - State Representative Roland Gutierrez today filed legislation to help small
businesses that sell liquor compete with other retailers in the current economic climate by
staying open on Sundays if they choose.

The bill would repeal the state's so-called blue laws, which currently prohibit Sunday
sales of alcohol in retail outlets but allow beer and wine sales "by the drink" in bars and

"This legislation will not only boost state revenue, it will also untie the hands of retailers
who have been unable to compete since the days ofProhibition and let the free market
work seven days a week," Gutierrez said.

HB 863 is designed to help Texas meet the challenge of the nation's financial collapse by
modernizing state government in order to generate the money needed to safeguard vital
public services, Gutierrez said.

Under the bill, retailers who choose to open on Sundays will be able to sell distilled
spirits on what has emerged as one of the busiest shopping days of the week for other
small businesses. Gutierrez said 35 other states permit Sunday liquor sales and report
increases in state revenue but no rise in drunk driving or underage drinking.

Roland Gutierrez represents House District 119, which encompasses part of Bexar
County. For further information on this or other issues, contact his office at (512) 4630452,
email or visit the Texas House of
Representatives website at

Contact: Margaret Wallace
(512) 463-0452

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