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Flynn re-elected to serve on NCSL Executive Committee  print page

by: Rep. Craddick, Tom

~ Four Texas legislators also appointed as vice-chairs of NCSL committees ~

(Austin) - This summer, at its annual meeting, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) re-elected Rep. Dan Flynn for a second term to the NCSL Executive Committee as a member-at-large.

"As an active participant of NCSL Executive Committee, Rep. Flynn has helped increase awareness of Texas' struggles with illegal immigration, while highlighting our state's successful border initiatives," Speaker Tom Craddick said. "These efforts have greatly benefited Texas and the mission of NCSL. I congratulate him on his re-election."

Rep. Flynn has also advocated for policies to increase the nation's energy independence. He is an active member of the NCSL Communications, Financial Services and Interstate Commerce Committee, which he has served on since 2003. During the 80th Legislature, Rep. Flynn helped pass model legislation for the committee that protects consumers’ telephone records from being obtained by third parties without consumers’ permission.

"It has been a great honor to serve on the NCSL Executive Board," Rep. Flynn said. "This role has provided me with valuable relationships with other state legislators and great opportunities to share with them what works for Texas. I look forward to serving another term on this committee."

In addition, Speaker Joe Hackney, president of NCSL and speaker of the North Carolina General Assembly, appointed four members of the Texas House of Representatives to serve as vice-chairs of NCSL committees. Rep. Rob Eissler was appointed to the Education Committee, Rep. Linda Harper-Brown was appointed to the Transportation Committee, Rep. Jerry Madden was appointed to the Law and Criminal Justice Committee, and Rep. John Otto was appointed to the Budgets and Revenue Committee.

"I applaud Reps. Eissler, Harper-Brown, Madden and Otto on their appointments as vice chairs to these NCSL committees," Speaker Craddick said. "It is a great honor that so many of our Texas legislators will serve on NCSL committees, and it is evidence of the innovative work we do here."

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