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Rep. Eddie Rodriguez statement on budget 
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by: Rep. Rodriguez, Eddie

AUSTIN -- State Representative Eddie Rodriguez (Austin), voted for state budget bill HB 1 early this morning only after added amendments addressed the challenges faced by Texas working families.

"Texas families won huge victories when several amendments dealing with education and healthcare were passed creating a more fair budget," said Representative Rodriguez.

Budget highlights included increased funding for public education, expanding Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) eligibility, and state parks.

"Ensuring that the children of Texas have the healthcare and education resources they need should be our top priority this session," said Representative Rodriguez. "Our Texas schools need real funding now, not false promises. When these important resources are not properly funded, the children of Texas suffer, yesterday we took a huge step in preserving those resources," said Rodriguez.

Representative Rodriguez also voted in favor of an amendment that would allow for a teacher and state employee pay raise. "Teachers and state employees work hard for the state of Texas and it is simply the right thing to do to grant them the pay they deserve for their dedication and service to Texas citizens."

In the approved budget, $583 million was appropriated for teacher pay raises and $668 million to the Teacher Retirement System, which may allow retired teachers to receive an additional check.

"Although we won some major victories, I'm disappointed we left $8 billion in unspent funds which could have fully funded CHIP and added much needed funds to the Texas Youth Commission," said Rodriguez. "The budget is not perfect, but we were able to make positive progress for the people of Texas and for the first time since I was elected in '03, we didn't have to fight against cuts in Health and Human Services."

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