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Rep. Price, Four

District 87


Capitol Address:


Capitol Building

Room 1N.9

Austin, Texas 78701

(512) 463-0470


P.O. Box 2910

Austin, Texas 78768

District Address:


P.O. Box 2848

Amarillo, Texas 79105


Amarillo National Bank

Plaza Two, Suite 506

500 S. Taylor Street

Amarillo, Texas 79101

(806) 374-8787

Counties Represented:

Sherman, Moore, Potter, Carson, Hutchinson



State Representative Four Price, a fourth generation Texan from Amarillo, has the privilege of serving as the results-oriented voice for constituents residing in five Texas Panhandle counties – Carson, Hutchinson, Moore, Potter and Sherman. In 2020, Price was elected to a sixth term in the Texas House of Representatives where he continues to vigorously advocate for the betterment of the Texas Panhandle and the entire Lone Star State.

Representative Price serves on the House Public Health Committee and the House Natural Resources Committee. Price also co-chairs the Health and Human Services Transition Legislative Oversight Committee which was established pursuant to legislation he sponsored. Price also served on the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission for four years, including two of those years as vice-chairman, where he led the Commission's House member delegation.

These committees provide Representative Price with additional leadership opportunities in helping influence and shape significant public policy on numerous matters directly impacting the well-being of Texans on a daily basis – the delivery of healthcare services and the sustainability of a reliable water supply. Price believes that access to quality healthcare and clean water, along with sound public education and higher education opportunities, are foundational to the quality of life, job growth and the prosperity of individual Texans and their communities. He further believes that they are especially essential to the sustainability of rural Texas.

In the 2021 Regular Legislative Session, Price authored and passed into law significant legislation regarding telemedicine and telehealth, House Bill 4, and the further strengthening of mental health parity through House Bill 2595. Also, Price helped shape the future of broadband infrastructure in Texas as one of four joint authors of House Bill 5. Additionally, he was the primary House sponsor of Senate Bill 1474, which could aid in the further development of Interstate 27 in Texas.

Some of the other major legislative measures Representative Price has championed into law in prior sessions include:

• HB 871 (86R) enhancing financial viability of rural hospitals.
• HB 1063 and HB 3345 (86R) enhancing the delivery of healthcare services through telemedicine.
• HB 2454 (86R) addressing the overprescribing of opioids.
• HB 1960 (86R) providing for an analysis of rural broadband opportunities.
• HB 1074 (86R) eliminating age discrimination in employer training programs.
• HB 18 and HB 19 (86R) providing greater mental health education and resources in public schools.
• HB 1079 (86R) requiring TxDOT to study the potential expansion of I-27.
• HB 406 (86R) increasing opportunities to register as an organ donor.
• HB 1136 (86R) enhancing tourism development opportunities statewide.
• HB 601 (86R) improving the nexus between mental health and criminal justice.
• HB 13 (85R) providing local opportunities to address mental health needs.
• HB 1697 (85R) enhancing neonatal intensive care telemedicine.
• HB 10 (85R) improving access to care for persons with mental illness.
• HB 194 (84R) creating Texas holiday in honor of Texas Gold Star Mothers.
• HB 635 (84R) ensuring parental rights to bury their unborn child's remains.
• HB 197 (84R) & HB 2895 (85R) raising mental health awareness at college.
• HB 1212 (84R) and HB 2804 (85R) strengthening laws against synthetic drugs.
• HB 1869 (83R) helping injured Texans.
• HB 220 (83R) enhancing punishment for crimes against children.
• HB 2038 (82R), Natasha's Law, landmark legislation to support student athlete brain health.

Additionally, Representative Price has authored/sponsored and passed several bills into law pertaining to government efficiency, improving the performance of several state agencies under 'sunset' review by the Sunset Advisory Commission, improving the delivery of healthcare, including in rural areas, and water policy. In 2013, Price joint authored House Bill 4, the historic legislation which led to the creation of the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas, more commonly referred to as SWIFT.

For his legislative work, Representative Price has been recognized by many diverse organizations. Among the honors and awards received are:

2021 Connecting All Texans Broadband Award, Digital Texas
2021 Honoree, The Menninger Clinic’s Annual Signature Luncheon
2021 Navy Trident Paddle, author of HB 3401 (87R) honoring members of the U.S. Navy SEALs

2020 A Legislative Champion, 86th Legislature, Texas Nurses Association
2020 Legislative Award, Mental Health America

2019 Telemedicine Recognition, Texas Healthcare Information & Management Systems Society
2019 Award for Excellence in State Policy - Public Health, Texas Assoc. City and County Health Officials
2019 Texas Rural Health Award, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals
2019 Legislative Champion Award, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
2019 A Legislative Champion, 86th Legislature, TexProtects
2019 A Champion for Children, 86th Legislature, Texas PTA
2019 Texas Energy Champion, Advanced Power Alliance & AWEA
2019 Law and Order Award, Texas District and County Attorneys
2019 86th Texas Legislature Hall of Fame, Texas Realtors
2019 Legislative Champion Award, AARP Texas
2019 Family Champion Award, Texas Council on Family Relations
2019 Buddy's Best Friend, Texas Humane Legislation Network

2018 Patient Advocacy Award, Texas Academy of Family Physicians
2018 Courageous Defense of Life Recognition, Texas Alliance for Life
2018 Texas Heroes for Children Award, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children/Texas
2018 Public Policy Award, Texas Suicide Prevention Council
2018 Champion for Children Award, Texas Coalition of Homes for Children
2018 Mental Health Advocate Award, Mental Health America of Greater Dallas
2018 Guardian of Small Business Award, National Federation of Independent Business - Texas

2017 Top Ten Best Legislator List by Texas Monthly magazine
2017 Big Voices for Little Texans Award, Texas CASA
2017 Champion of Transparency, Texas Press Association
2017 Luminary Award, Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute
2017 Legislative Champion Award, Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute
2017 Friend of Texas Association of School Psychologists
2017 Lone Star Award, The Association of Substance Abuse Programs
2017 Capitol Caregiver, AARP Texas
2017, 2015, 2013 Patient Protection Award, Texas Medical Association
2017, 2015 Texas Hospital Advocacy Tribute, Texas Hospital Association

2016 Advocate Award, NAMI Texas
2015, 2013 Texas Rural Health Award, Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals
2015 Law and Order Award, Texas District and County Attorneys
2013 Legislator of the Year Award, Texas Civil Justice League
2013 Distinguished Service Award, Texas Association of Athletic Trainers

A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a B.B.A. degree in Finance and a graduate of Saint Mary's University School of Law with a J.D. degree, Price has practiced law for over twenty years. He currently is a vice president and trust officer for an Amarillo financial institution. Representative Price was raised from childhood in the Texas Panhandle and graduated from Amarillo's Tascosa High School. He and his wife, Karen, live in Amarillo and are the proud parents of four adult children. They are active members of a local church.


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