Natural Resources Committee

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Committee info:

  • Clerk:
  • Shannon Houston
  • Room:
  • EXT E2.104
  • Phone:
  • (512) 463-0802

Committee Members


House Member Rep. Larson

Rep. Larson,

Vice Chair

House Member Rep. Phelan

Rep. Phelan,


House Member Rep. Ashby

Rep. Ashby,


House Member Rep. Burns

Rep. Burns,


House Member Rep. Frank

Rep. Frank,


House Member Rep. Kacal

Rep. Kacal,
Kyle J.


House Member Rep. King

Rep. King,
Tracy O.


House Member Rep. Lucio III

Rep. Lucio III,


House Member Rep. Nevárez

Rep. Nevárez,


House Member Rep. Price

Rep. Price,


House Member Rep. Workman

Rep. Workman,


       Sec. 28.  NATURAL RESOURCES. (a) The committee shall have
  11 members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
               (1)  the conservation of the natural resources of
               (2)  the control and development of land and water and
  land and water resources, including the taking, storing, control,
  and use of all water in the state, and its appropriation and
               (3)  irrigation, irrigation companies, and irrigation
  districts, and their incorporation, management, and powers;
               (4)  the creation, modification, and regulation of
  groundwater conservation districts and the modification and
  regulation of water supply districts, water control and improvement
  districts, conservation and reclamation districts, and all similar
  organs of local government dealing with water and water supply;
               (5)  oversight of the Texas Commission on Environmental
  Quality as it relates to the regulation of water resources; and
               (6)  the following state agencies: the Office of
  Canadian River Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Office of Pecos
  River Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Office of Red River
  Compact Commissioner for Texas, the Office of Rio Grande Compact
  Commissioner for Texas, the Office of Sabine River Compact
  Commissioner for Texas, the Southwestern States 
  Water Commission, and the Texas Water
  Development Board.
         (b)  The chair of the committee shall appoint a permanent
  subcommittee on special water districts consisting of not fewer
  than five members to consider all matters pertaining to special
  water districts within the jurisdiction of the committee,
               (1)  the organization and operation of the districts;
               (2)  the powers and duties of the districts; and
               (3)  the districts' role in the conservation of natural
  resources and the control and development of land and water in the