Higher Education Committee

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Committee info:

  • Clerk:
  • Grady Dahlberg
  • Room:
  • EXT E2.106
  • Phone:
  • (512) 463-0782

Committee Members


House Member Rep. Lozano

Rep. Lozano,
J. M.

Vice Chair

House Member Rep. Raney

Rep. Raney,


House Member Rep. Alonzo

Rep. Alonzo,
Roberto R.


House Member Rep. Alvarado

Rep. Alvarado,


House Member Rep. Button

Rep. Button,
Angie Chen


House Member Rep. Clardy

Rep. Clardy,


House Member Rep. Howard

Rep. Howard,


House Member Rep. Morrison

Rep. Morrison,
Geanie W.


House Member Rep. Turner

Rep. Turner,


       Sec. 16.  HIGHER EDUCATION. (a) The committee shall have
  nine members, with jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:
               (1)  education beyond high school;
               (2)  the colleges and universities of the State of
  Texas; and
               (3)  the following state agencies: the Texas A&M
  Engineering Experiment Station, the Texas A&M Engineering
  Extension Service, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board,
  the Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Corporation, the Prepaid Higher
  Education Tuition Board, and the Texas A&M Transportation
         (b)  The chair of the committee shall appoint a permanent
  subcommittee on postsecondary education and workforce readiness
  consisting of not fewer than five members to consider all matters
  pertaining to the availability of postsecondary educational
  opportunities in the state, including opportunities at:
               (1)  public or private institutions of higher
               (2)  nonprofit colleges or universities; and
               (3)  career schools or colleges, or any other
  postsecondary educational providers in the state.